– What We Do –

Transition Partners develops collaborative partnerships with healthcare networks and physician enterprises, in order to add value through executive leadership experience during periods of transition.

By rapidly developing trust and rapport with physicians and employees in healthcare systems, we identify opportunities, apply performance improvement methodologies, and cultivate the synergism of your internal teams, to achieve desired outcomes.

Seasoned Executive Experience

Interim Executive & Management Roles

  • Full and part-time coverage for the roles of Director, Regional Director, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President and Executive Director/CEO roles

Performance Improvement & Project Management Initiatives

  • Opportunity analysis and opportunity definition
  • Qualitative and quantitative measurement with benchmarking
  • Analysis of data and qualitative interviews findings
  • Team goal development
  • Implementation of an approved plan
  • Written Control Plan hand off for the organization going forward

Meet Barry

Barry Coletti Profile Picture

In just 9 short months, Barry engaged providers, senior executive staff and their teams, moving from an organization straining to deliver basic population health services, to one that began to deliver on triple aim initiatives.

David E., M.D.
Chief Medical Officer of the Integrated Delivery Network

Barry was the best Director of Operations we have ever experienced. He is a consummate team player, a tireless force of positivity and possesses exceptional operational and financial skills.

David R., M.D.
Chief of Cardiovascular Services

Barry systematically addressed issues and provided stabilizing structure. He has proven to be a loyal proponent of the organization as a whole and the physician organization. He faced some very difficult situations and performed admirably. He proved to be principled, knowledgable, dedicated, and highly skilled.

Debra J.
Vice President of Patient Care